Starting with Ash Wednesday – a day of prayer, abstinence and fasting – Lent marks the 40 day fast in the wilderness, which our Lord undertook, as he prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice with which he cleansed us of our sins.

As Christians, we are encouraged to use this period of spiritual renewal by doing three things: praying more intentionally, practising more intense self-sacrifice, and giving more effectively to the poor.

Many of us will combine the last two in a very practical way … giving up meat, chocolate, cigarettes or alcohol during Lent, and donating the money we save to a charity or church outreach programme dedicated to uplifting the poor and needy. Here in South Africa our special outreach for Lent is called The Bishops’ Lenten Appeal.

But Lent is so much more. It’s the perfect time to:

  • Make peace with the past – letting go of our sinful past way of life and trusting in God to provide us with the grace to make a new start going into the future;
  • Open your heart to the Holy Spirit by setting aside time every day for prayer and quiet reflection or even contemplation, so that when God speaks to you, you can hear Him more clearly;
  • Be aware of and thankful for all that God has given you;
  • Be generous to others, especially those who are poor, suffering or in need.

There are many poor people and people in all kinds of need on our Zulu Missions. Although you may not be able to be with them in person, you can share with them in spirit by making a donation which will be added to The Bishops’ Lenten Appeal.

Your donation – could provide a food parcel for a hungry family, care for an orphaned or vulnerable child, health care for someone who’s sick or aged, or the chance for a child to go to school.

In return for your kindness we invite your  special intentions for inclusion in our monthly Mass for Mission friends. And we ask you to keep on praying for our Mission people.

May God bless you and give you all the graces you need to make this a sacred time for Our Lord, His Church and your neighbour.




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