Tapestry of Zulu Life

A prayer for help is answered

Coinciding with the Year of the Family, Margaret Mkhize of St Michael’s mission in Ndonyane, has woven a wall hanging of the story of The Prodigal Son.

A parishioner of St Michael’s since her youth, Margaret trained there as a weaver until the training centre closed 15 years ago. Margaret continued to weave but had no outlet for her work. She tells how she went to the abandoned centre one day and knelt down to pray. She told God how she was struggling to support her family and begged for His help.

Help came in the form of Precious Blood sister Margaret von Ohr who visited Mrs Mkhize and asked to see her work. Sister Margaret is now seeking ways to sell the weaving works locally and overseas.


We are looking for local weavers to make at least 20 lampshades mats etc for our new restaurant in Shelly Beach. I saw the article on Sister Margaret and wonder if she could take on this project for us as we want to support rural people rather than buying from formal trading shops. Can text or call me on 0725225786.
Thank you.

Hi Francois
Thanks for your enquiry. We are struggling to get hold of St Michael’s Mission – their landline is down at the moment and there is no priest. But one of the nuns knows Sr Margaret and we’ve asked for her contact details. We will get back to you as soon as we have an answer.

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