A Summer Holiday to Remember

If the holiday season is a time of loving and giving, you gave from the heart at the end of last year. Thank you.

You helped to secure Ernestine’s holiday feeding programme at Bethlehem mission. The children didn’t go hungry, as could so easily have happened. Coming to the mission each day for their meal meant that Ernestine could also be sure about each child’s wellbeing. And you gave her the priceless gift of peace of mind, knowing that she would have enough food to last through the six weeks of summer holidays.

There was also enough money to take the children on an outing – a rare treat in rural communities.

The venue was an animal farm where the children could get up close and personal with a large variety of very tame farmyard animals, even feeding them. The outing included lunch, followed by an afternoon of sport and games. And even though there was some light rain on the day, spirits couldn’t be dampened.

Thank you for making all of this a reality, and for creating the happy memories made through your loving kindness.

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