Change often brings a time of reflection. And our reflection as leadership of the Archdiocese of Durban is on your loyalty and your constancy in supporting the Zulu Missions.

There are Mission Friends who sent their first donations when Archbishop Denis Hurley was leading our Archdiocese. Still revered amongst our people, Archbishop Hurley was known internationally for his fight against apartheid – an injustice which was finally overcome in 1994.

Since then, you’ve come to know three of us as Archbishops, and your kindness to our people hasn’t wavered.

We’d like to say a very special ‘Thank you’ for the extension of your loyalty, and the continuation of your donations to the Missions. Your trust in us, and the constancy of your generosity are gifts in themselves – gifts on which no monetary price can be put. We are truly blessed.

Whoever may lead the Archdiocese of Durban, whatever their titles may indicate, the essence of our relationship remains the same – the spiritual and material welfare of our people.

In particular, our people who sadly continue to live disadvantaged lives.

Thank you for each time you care about them, for loving them as brothers and sisters in Christ, and continuing to be part of our Zulu Missions family, with the many differences you make.

God bless you.

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