ven if you live far away in America, the UK or Europe, your concern and compassion can still touch the lives of underprivileged people here in South Africa.

Knowing there are others who understand and care means so much, not only to the people we strive to uplift, but also to our priests and sisters who leave their families and comfortable homes to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Whether you make a financial contribution of any amount towards the cost of uplifting the Zulu people … pray for us … or think about making a bequest towards the work of the Church in South Africa, please don’t leave this page without doing something to help. Your support really does make all the difference! Thank you.

Donate online now

vcsThe easiest way to make a difference is through a gift of cash which you can donate right now online from anywhere in the world by Visa or Master Card. Our system is safe and convenient.

Donate by cheque

If you prefer to make your gift by cheque/check, please use the addresses below.

Archdiocese of Durban
P O Box 102
South Africa

Donate by EFT

Donors in South Africa may make direct deposits into our bank account as follows:

Name of Account: Archdiocese of Durban
Bank: First National
Branch: Durban Main
Branch Code: 22-14-26
Account number: 50844491452

Please use your Surname as the beneficiary reference.

In any family, there are certain people on whom you know you can rely in times of need. In our Zulu Mission Family, those people are called Mission Patrons …

When that extra deserving project needs funding, and our resources can’t stretch that far, we know we can ask our Mission Patrons for help.

When those extra prayers need to be said, we know that our Mission Patrons will storm heaven with us.

Like some of the miracles in the life of Jesus … the turning of water into wine and the multiplication of loaves and fishes … Mission Patrons have a hand in miracles of change on the Zulu Missions.

Would you like to be one of them?

It means making a substantial annual gift – a minimum of £60, €70, $100 or ZAR1500. This additional money is used for a different upliftment project each year, which the Archdiocese would not normally be able to fund.

In return for their outstanding support, Mission Patrons receive a dedicated newsletter, a Bible/missal carry pouch handcrafted in traditional Sweshwe fabric (featuring the commemoative Denis Hurley pattern) and their names are inscribed in the Mission Patron Roll of Honour.

In addition, Cardinal Napier will say special Holy Masses for everyone who sends a donation to support this year’s Mission Patron appeal on:

11 July 2017 – Feast of St Benedict of Nursia
8 September 2017 – Birthday of Our Lady
21 November 2017 – Presentation of Our Lady
31 January 2018 – St John Bosco – Patron of Youth
19 March 2018 – St Joseph – Patron of the Church
31 May 2018 – Visitation of Our Lady to Elizabeth

Please diarise these dates so that you can be ‘present in spirit’ as we pray for your special intentions.

Click here to join the Mission Patrons now.

This year, Mission Patrons are invited to contribute toward the establishment of the Napier Centre for Healing

Work has begun on the task of repairing and renovating disused buildings at Ekhukanyeni Mission, to provide a centre for recovering addicts who have gone through the detoxification programme in our state clinics.

Although not a popular cause, because it seems that people bring the misery of substance abuse on themselves, it is something close to Cardinal Napier’s heart. Strongly motivated by our Holy Father’s call to continue showing mercy beyond the official Year of Mercy, Cardinal Napier turned to the Gospels to remind himself how generous Jesus was with His mercy and forgiveness towards those who got themselves into trouble of some kind.

The tragic souls in our Archdiocese who have turned to substances to dull the pain, misery and hopelessness of their lives on the street can be given the chance of a better future … your Mission Patron gift will help to give them that chance.

In addition to providing residential care and the specialist practitioners to run the 12-month programme, priests in the Archdiocese are being trained to counsel individuals and families affected by addiction.

The final phase of the programme will include training for employment of some kind, to give people a sense of purpose and hope for the future.

Your exceptionaly generous Mission Patron gift of £60, US$100, €70 or ZAR1500 will make you a partner in the Napier Centre for Healing, and give expression to Pope Francis’ call for practical actions that carry forward the message of mercy into every year.

Please will you make this act of mercy now – and allow us to inscribe your name on our Mission Patron Roll of Honour, and send you a traditional Shweshwe fabric carry pouch (featuring the commemorative Denis Hurley pattern) for your Bible or missal?

“I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” – Matthew 28:20


When Jesus left this world, what comfort these words must have given to His disciples, knowing they would still be cared for by Him, beyond His earthly lifetime. And what comfort they still give to us, as we journey through life.

In a much smaller way, when each one of us leaves this world, we can also give comfort to those remaining – by assuring them of our love and ongoing care, through our Will.

Remembering the Zulu Missions in your Will is a ‘legacy of love’. Not only does it mean that your support of the missionary Church continues beyond your lifetime – but the work it continues is a fitting memorial to your Christian life.

More information on Wills and Legacies is available in our free booklet, Using your Will to Celebrate the Blessings of your Life. Please note that this is intended as a guide only, and should not take the place of professional legal advice.

If you are considering a bequest to the Zulu Missions, please let us know. We would appreciate the opportunity to thank you, and to discuss with you how you would like your gift to be used. We would also like to send you our very useful Personal Affairs Record Book.



We value your prayers for our mission people, especially for converts undergoing instruction in preparation to be received into the faith; for those affected by HIV and AIDS; for children learning to live by Christian values; and for our priests and sisters many of whom go about their work in remote outstations.

If you would like to join our Prayer Circle, please email us.


If you know of anyone who might share your interest in the work of the Catholic Church in Africa, please guide them to our website. We have a wonderful 20 minute video showcasing the work of the Archdiocese which you can order and share with church, women’s or community groups.

To order a copy of the video, please email


Having people visit our projects, and show a personal interest in the challenges and achievements of the people concerned is hugely encouraging. If you are planning a visit to South Africa, and Durban in particular, we will happily arrange for you to visit the Missions to witness the work of the Archdiocese.

Please call us on +2731 303-1417 or email to make arrangements.