Ethical Will

Add Your Ethics to Your Will

The importance of having a Will can’t be overstated. It puts your affairs in order; it provides security for your loved ones; it carries your personal wishes; and it gives the opportunity to continue your commitment to causes that you’ve supported during your lifetime.

These are all financial and material matters. And yes, they’re important, but in a document that reflects the person you are, there’s more that you can leave behind.

You can also make an Ethical Will. Whilst it may not be a legal document, in this Will, you distribute to the important people in your life the gifts of your heart.

Your Ethical Will reveals and passes on the treasures of your beliefs, your love, your spirituality, your values, and your emotions. These are priceless gifts that will live on long after the last of the money has been put to use, and the material items are worn out.

If you already have a standard Will (perhaps even one that leaves a bequest to The Archdiocese of Durban) you’re to be congratulated for your caring and your sense of responsibility. But you have more to give – so why not begin drafting your Ethical Will today?

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