Denis Hurley leads procession
Good Friday Procession

Traditional Good Friday Procession through the streets of Durban The traditional Good Friday procession, initiated by Archbishop Hurley in 1985, takes place on Friday 14…

Denis Hurley exhibition opened

At the official opening of the exhibition, three figures from this iconic 1989 photo were reunited with their younger selves: Saydoon Sayed, Bishop Michael (right…

The blankets you gave

The blankets you gave Unlike in your part of the world, winter 2016 is well in the past here in South Africa, and our gratitude…

A thought to consider

A thought to consider Should you want to continue your support of the Zulu Missions beyond your own lifetime, it can easily be done by…

Remembering Carol

Remembering Carol Mission friend, Mrs Frances Gallagher, wrote to us recently with a special request. She wanted to do something in memory of her close…

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