Daily Prayer for the World

Bless the world that you have created,
and those of us who live in it.

Help us change hatred to love,
and war to peace, in your name.

In those places where people don’t know you,
let your light now shine on them.

To anyone who is sick and suffering, in body or spirit,
including (name), please give comfort and healing.

Where fear of any kind rules, including (name),
let your hope and reassurance replace it.

To those who feel abandoned, alone, and forgotten,
including (name), give a sign of your protective presence.

Where death is close (including name)
grant a glimpse of eternal life hereafter.

And to those who work for your Kingdom,
including (the Zulu Missions), give strength and perseverance.

In my prayer, I also ask the support of
Our Holy Mother, Mary, and all the Saints.


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