Denis Hurley Centre

The Denis Hurley Centre, Durban

Appointed Archbishop of Durban in 1951, the late Denis Hurley (9 November 1915–13 February 2004) was the youngest archbishop in the world at that time, and served the people of Durban for 45 years. He was internationally known as a fiercely outspoken opponent of apartheid, and a courageous campaigner for justice and peace.

Distinctive landmark in central Durban

His legacy lives on in the Denis Hurley Centre (DHC). Officially opened on 9 November 2015, on what would have been Archbishop’s Hurley’s 100th birthday, this distinctive landmark building stands on land adjacent to Emmanuel Cathedral, in what is possibly the busiest, most vibrant and diverse junction in central Durban.

The Centre serves some of the poorest people in the city … homeless people, drug users, the urban unemployed, and refugees who have migrated to South Africa from as far afield as Somalia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Services offered at the Denis Hurley Centre

People of all faiths and nationalities work side by side to help all communities,. Basic medical care, a soup kitchen, job training, community support and pastoral outreach are among the services provided. The Centre also provides homeless people with access to showers and clean second-hand clothes to help them regain their self respect and dignity.

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