Thank You for Your Easter Evangelisation Gift

More than the tangible ways in which your donations find expression on the Zulu Missions, a gift towards evangelisation is more difficult to show.

Your gift of a food parcel, a blanket, a school uniform, and many others items being put into the hands of a mission parishioner in need can be photographed. A gift to the spirit is more elusive. But we can count those gifts in the number of people on the missions who are accepted into the Church each Easter. Evangelisation starts with our own relationship with Jesus. As He lives within us, we’ll naturally want to introduce Him to those who don’t yet know Him.

Our message must be: ‘Jesus Christ loves you; He gave his life to save you; He lives at your side daily.’

Evangelisation is also living our lives in a way that reflects our Christianity. Our actions will often speak louder than our words.

Thank you for evangelising through your support of the Zulu Missions.

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