Easter procession

Easter – The most important feast day on the missions

It’s commonly known that Easter is more important to the Zulu people than Christmas. Cardinal Napier explains it this way:

Because of people being received into the faith, Easter is both a family and a community event, and is taken very seriously with intense preparation during Lent. Also, because of the holidays, family members who are working away from home can return for a few days. Beginning with the Chrism mass, nothing is done half heartedly. Each part of the passion is ‘felt’ throughout the services, especially the processional stations of the cross and the kissing of the cross. The vigil lasts right through the night. The fire is a large one. And at the Easter masses the singing and dancing express great joy.

When Easter comes this year, you’ll be held in the hearts of everyone on the missions, and be remembered in many prayers.

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