Bringing people to God

Evangelisation starts with our own relationship with Jesus. As He lives within us, we’ll naturally want to introduce Him to those who don’t yet know Him

Sharing the Gospel with the people of South Africa is our primary focus on the Missions. God’s message of love, mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption and eternal life, is often all that the Zulu people have to give them hope and strength in their daily struggle.

Part of this mission to evangelise is to promote by example traditional Christian values of loving, caring, forgiving and helping others. Evangelisation is also living our lives in a way that reflects our Christianity, since actions often speak louder than words.

Building churches

In many rural communities, having a church is something that can only be dreamed of. The cost of building even a modest church is beyond the reach of most Mission congregations. We encourage the people to contribute what they can – whether it is a few rands toward the building fund, negotiating a suitable piece of land, donations of locally produced building materials, or the labour involved in digging foundations and mixing cement.

Wherever possible, the Archdiocese assists struggling communities to make their dream of a new church become reality – often with the help of donor funding sourced from abroad.

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