Father Sififo

Father Sifiso Ndlovu remembers his childhood Easters

Father Sfiso’s face reflects the joys of his childhood where he grew up in two homes – his family home, and the rural home of his uncle.

It was in the open spaces of his uncle’s farm that he spent his school holidays, with his cousins. It was also where the entire family would gather every Easter.

Easter was when all the children got new clothes to wear to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. At church there was beautiful singing, men on one side, women on the other, in celebration of the risen Christ. And afterwards an Easter meal would break the fasting of Lent, with traditional foods shared between family and community. Alongside some meat, one of these dishes was a maize porridge to which nuts were ground and added. And fresh hot bread from the farm kitchen was another favourite.

The traditions of celebrating Easter are still strong on the Missions. And as a member of our Mission family, you’re with us during this celebration each and every year.

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