From four legs to four wheels

The earliest Missionary priests who established the Archdiocese of Durban relied on the four legs of horses to take them to wherever they were needed.

Then two-wheeled transport came into being with motorcycles.

And one of today’s greatest costs to the Archdiocese is to provide vehicles for the Mission priests.  The work has also changed.  Not only do the Mission vehicles take the priest to the people, it often has to transport goods, and also parishioners, especially in emergency trips to hospital.

What has changed, but only to a degree is the terrain that must be covered.  Whilst there are now more roads in rural areas, they are rough and often precipitous, many of them reducing to only tracks.  Then add rain, and having to cross rivers with no bridges.  All these factors add up to the need for a hardy vehicle which can take the punishment.

From four legs to four wheels is a big jump, as is the price.

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