From our Mission Postbag

We wish that we could share everything that comes into our postbag, but here are just a few examples.

Message from Cardinal Napier especially for the children

Your letters telling me about your life, families and friends, also often enclose pens, pencils, stickers and other items for children on the missions. Your wishes, as well as your thoughtful and generous gifts all reach their destination – schoolchildren on the missions, for whom education is the key to a better future.

Thank you for caring and sharing, and God bless you, now and in the future.

A beautiful thought and act of kindness

Letters from Mission friends carrying the sad news about the deaths of loved ones, asking for prayers in situations of illness and need . . . they are all important and appreciated as communications between members of our Zulu Mission Family. We are warmed by your spirit of sharing, and privileged to be able to pray for you.

• From Lilian: The Zulu Mission family is an important part of my life, and always in my prayers. (Thank you, Lilian, as you are also in our prayers.)

• Letter from a Mission friend advising us that he has included the Archdiocese of Durban in his Will. We are truly blessed by his visionary generosity. If you, or people you know, have yet to make a Will, our free brochure on the subject can be really helpful, and it’s yours for the asking.

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