Overseas donors collecting money for the Zulu Missions

Nine years later

Meet two of your co-mission supporters – Bill and Mai, from Ireland.

In 2007, Zulu Mission friends, Bill and Mai, visited South Africa on a fact-finding holiday. They came with donations and gifts from family and friends in Ireland, and we were delighted to host their visit, taking them to places which had only previously been names.

Everywhere they went, it was mainly the children who stole their hearts. And nine years later, Bill and Mai are still supporting the missions.

We received this photograph from their local shopping centre where they collect money each year for the missions. In truth, every cent does count as their poster states, and caring contributions from people in their community were sent to Cardinal Napier as a cheque.

We’re so grateful for their continued love and commitment, and the generosity of those who gave. You may know Bill and Mai – or you might never meet them – but along with you, they are very much part of our Zulu Mission family. And ‘family’ is everything.


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My grandmother Kathleen Gravey Marshall of Dublin went to Edinburgh Scotland and my Mum Margaret Janet Wallace Marshall of Kingdom Fife Scotland never know we might be restated so glad to be friends with ZuluMissions South Africa Cheers and God Bless!! Hip Hip Hurray !

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