Thank you for adding to the ripples of generosity

The example of ripples caused by dropping a pebble into a pond is well known and often quoted. This story is about an outcome from a Mission Friend’s request that the life of her friend, Carol, be commemorated on the Missions in the form of a reading corner for young children. The site chosen for ‘Carol’s Corner’ was the drop-in centre for orphans and vulnerable children at Bethlehem Mission.

On the day that the beanbags, books and shelving were delivered, it was noticed that the children needed more to occupy them, and that the carers and teachers might need some help in creating activities. Thus it was that we contacted an organisation called Singakwenza (‘We can do it’) Waste2Toys, who run workshops teaching caregivers how to create toys from recycled waste which prepare and develop children for formal education.

In impoverished rural communities where the cost of educational toys is far beyond any possibility, it’s a sad fact that young children with the potential to become future teachers, doctors, and engineers can spend their days in a barren care centre room and dusty empty playground.

A workshop was arranged and attended by 24 carers from several of our drop-in centres with great success. Attendees were inspired by what can be created from bread bags, plastic containers of various types, paper towel inner cores, and other waste materials. And the children they care for are now being kept creatively busy as a result.

A friend’s generosity in creating ‘Carol’s Corner’ was the pebble. The ripples of development through early education were the outcome. Both caregivers and children have been blessed, and we are humbly grateful for your support – which made the workshop possible.

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