The gift of a bequest

Whatever the form or the amount of a bequest, it’s someone’s final gift to a cause that they’ve faithfully supported during their lifetime. Sometimes it comes with the request that it be used in a particular way – which we always honour.

And sometimes the use is left to our discretion – in general, it will be invested to create future funding of the Missions, and be an ongoing memorial to the bequestor.

You may also like to take advantage of our free offer: A Personal Affairs Record Book which will help you keep track of bank details, insurance and investment policies amongst other things. Included are tabs for physically labelling certain possessions with the name of the person to whom they are bequeathed. We also offer a leaflet on making your Will, should that be useful to you. Please contact us to request these publications.

To any friend of the Zulu Missions who has already included the Archdiocese of Durban in their Will, or is planning to do so, we do ask that you take us into your confidence so that we can say ‘thank you’.

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