God bless you for preparing them for winter

Your early generosity has already helped us to give blankets to certain families just ahead of winter. In addition to your gifts of winter warmth, we were able to add food parcels to each of these critically poor households. Thank you.

60 Year old Bangeni Tshabalala lives in a house that she built herself with the help of a neighbour. In this tiny home she gives shelter to eight adults and six children. There are no beds. Everyone sleeps on the floor.

Only one of the eight adults earns a small income, and the entire household survives on government child grants. Usually by the middle of the month there is no money left for food. Bangeni says she has been poor all her life.

Bangeni was totally overwhelmed by your unexpected kindness. She kept repeating, “Siyabonga bakulu” (thank you so very much).

Peter Geina was another grateful recipient. Peter received a blow to his head whilst trying to stop two men fighting and is disabled as a result.

With no electricity, in order to cook a meal or heat water, Peter collects wood which he burns in a rusty container.

Peter was overjoyed to receive his blanket and some food. Having identified his situation, we’re trying to get a disability grant for Peter.

The Mnikathi family consists of mother, father, uncle and four children. The hardships of living in poverty show on all the adults’ faces, with none of them yet old enough to apply for state pension. Thank you for helping to relieve the hardships of the coming winter for this household.

A mother and her son, Sbonelo, live in a house which is almost falling down. Sbonelo only has a basic primary school education which limits his employment opportunities. He spoke of the pain of poverty, and not being able to live a better life. Being able to deliver gifts at least told Sbonelo that ‘someone cares’.

Thank you for caring in so many instances.


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