Cardinal Napier's Birthday

Cardinal Napier celebrates his 80th birthday – very quietly at home

The 8th of March this year, fell not only during the Covid restrictions, but also during Lent, the time of fasting and abstinence.

This birthday should also have heralded the official retirement of Cardinal Napier as Archbishop of Durban as he handed over to Archbishop Abel Gabuza. But God had other plans.

In keeping with both the pandemic restrictions and the season of Lent, there were no formal celebrations. But there was a birthday cake, and many good wishes.

Please join us in praying for Cardinal Napier, that he may continue to be blessed with health and strength, and also the partnership of your Missionary support,  in this his 80th year, and beyond.



Happy 80th Cardinal Napier,
Tom and Susan McAvoy

Dr Alison McDonald

Dear Cardinal Napier,
Thank you for all your messages that have helped me along the path of my life for many years now. I, too, was born in 1941, about five weeks after you came into the world! (13th April.) I belong to the Anglican Church and cannot remember how you caught this particular fish in your net!
Enjoy stepping down from some of your daily burden at this time and revel in Gods wonderful world as mankind at last tries to reverse the great harm it has caused in it over recent centuries.
I pray for your continued health and vigour and your inspirational gift with words. God bless and preserve you. Alison.
Dr Alison McDonald, Isle of Man, UK

Thank you for your service Cardinal Napier.

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