Ekukhanyeni Mission becomes the new centre of healing

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier has shown a great heart for the plight of drug and alcohol abusers, especially those who are on the streets and have little chance of receiving help.

The planned Centre For Healing, which will carry Cardinal Napier’s name, is to be based at Ekukhanyeni Mission, giving expression to Pope Francis’ call for practical actions that carry forward the message of the Year of Mercy.

Funding has begun through a bequest to the Archdiocese, but much more will be needed to get the centre up and running with the appropriate accommodation and facilities.

Whilst more fortunate people may be able to pay for time at a private clinic to reach for recovery, the poor can’t afford the help they need. Those who sincerely want to break the chains of their addiction to alcohol or drugs can go to a government detox centre.

But with nowhere to go except back to the streets, they quickly relapse into the grip of addiction.

The Centre For Healing will provide the secondary care that most addicts require, with the opportunity to continue residential rehabilitation for up to 12 months.

The programme will be headed by a house ‘mother and father’ on site, with the services of specialist professionals being provided by the Denis Hurley Centre.

The Centre will be open to all denominations and a strong effort will be made to help residents reconnect with their spiritual roots. The final phase of the programme will include training for employment of some kind in order to give people a sense of ownership of their own lives, together with purpose and hope for the future.

Please give us your prayerful support by using our special card prayer card to ask for God’s blessing on the success of this project, and on those who turn to the Centre For Healing for liberation from addiction.

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