Heroes at Mother of Peace – you, and the humble solar heating panel

When Cardinal Napier wrote to you about how a fierce lightning storm had destroyed the electrical water heating systems at Mother of Peace children’s home, Mission Patron heroes came to the rescue.

However, it did take a little more investigation and time to get advice on how best to solve the problem going forward.

Revealed – the other hero … the humble solar heating panel.

Thus, the conclusion was that in this land of abundant sunshine, solar heating panels on the roofs of all the cottages would be the best way to provide hot water in the future.

Once the unit is installed, solar power is free, cutting the cost of electricity at Mother of Peace. It is also clean energy which preserves the environment. And most reputable solar heating systems are guaranteed for up to 10 years. Ten years free from worry about rising power costs and possible storm damage.

Along with the saints for whom each cottage is named, thank you for being one of the heroes at Mother of Peace.

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