Hot water is back on tap at Mother of Peace

Thank you, thank you, for restoring the hot water system at Mother of Peace.

The children are once again enjoying hot showers, thanks to the new geysers, as are their House Mothers. You helped to make such a difference during the winter months. And even in summer, having warm water is a blessing.

We’d also like to pay tribute here to some ‘hidden partners’ in making improvements at the Mission. These partners are volunteers from Ireland who have been visiting Mother of Peace for 13 years. With money collected at home, they paid for and physically built the chapel. The chapel and other projects have all been labours of love.

Matthew Reilly, and by his dark hair, and Seamus Wall are two of the original members of the Irish ‘Friends of Mother of Peace’. Before coming to South Africa, Seamus had never set foot outside of Ireland. Now his footsteps are clearly imprinted on our African soil.

The orphans for whom Mother of Peace is ‘home’ are truly fortunate to have so many wonderful people caring about them in so many different ways. Thank you for being part of this wonderful group.

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