How does the Election of a New Bishop Happen?

We’re delighted to tell you that Cardinal Napier will continue to be our Archbishop for another two years before his anticipated actual retirement in March 2018.

Since hearing the news of his retirement, many friends have asked, “how does succession happen?” This is a brief overview of the process.

Suitable candidates from the various dioceses will be selected by the Bishops of the Province and submitted to the Nuncio. Major qualifications are a thorough knowledge of Canon Law, a background in Theology, administration and pastoral ability, as well as good human relations.

The list is submitted to the responsible department at the Vatican. Narrowed down to three names, one will be chosen.

The Nuncio will then summon the chosen candidate and inform him that he has been chosen by the Pope to be appointed as Bishop. Within the following three months arrangements will be made for the new Bishop’s ordination, after which he takes possession of his diocese or archdiocese. A month spent in Rome would also be part of being tutored in the role of being a Bishop.

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