How you gave ‘learning’ for Christmas

Thank you! We wish you could see the light of understanding dawning in the children’s eyes, as they grasp the mathematical concepts that were previously so difficult to imagine. Partnering with the initiative of one of our Mission Patrons, Tony Watson, the Math Kits you’ve helped to provide have made the shape of a pyramid real, explained ‘three dimensional’, and illustrated ‘volume’ . . . just as a starting point.

We wish you could hear the joy and enthusiasm in the teachers’ voices as they use these education kits in the classroom. You’ve made their teaching so much easier and more real.

They’re all so grateful to you. What were mysteries before in the classroom are no longer so, and their previous struggles to teach what was obscure because it couldn’t be seen are over.

We wish you could see the extra text books, the education posters, and more that your generosity has provided.

We wish you could truly know just how much of a difference you’ve made, and how much you matter to us, as our Catholic schools teach not only curricula subjects, but also a Christian way of life.

We wish we could show our thankfulness for your kindness with more than the two little words of ‘thank you’ for your priceless contribution to good education.

Thank you.

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