Zulu Missions outreach

How your donations support the works of Mercy on the Missions

There’s no question about how your generosity has supported the Spiritual Works of Mercy on the Zulu Missions. And this will continue with any future donations, in the form of catechetics, Mass and the sacraments, especially in the light of Pope Francis’ call to ‘a new evangelisation’.

And whilst your Spiritual Works of Mercy may not be highly visible, your support of the Corporal Works of Mercy are very visible in Zulu Mission projects like these:
Feeding the hungry – your response to the different feeding schemes that exist, as well as the spread of food gardens in teaching people to feed themselves.
Giving drink to the thirsty – the Maphumulo water pipeline was instrumental in this, bringing clean mountain water to the people in the community.
Clothing the naked – you’ve provided school uniforms for our children; and blankets are also used as a garment in traditional life.
Sheltering the homeless – without your support, our children’s homes and the home for women cast out through pregnancy crises wouldn’t exist.
Visiting the sick – people living in rural areas are often unable to access medical help. Thanks to friends like you, the Church’s community workers take help to where it’s needed.
Visiting the imprisoned – prison chaplaincy is a priority in helping people to begin a new. From your donations, rosaries are distributed in prisons.
Burying the dead – when people die with no family to bury them, we become their family and give them the dignity of a proper burial.

Thank you.

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