Feeding the hungry

‘I was hungry, and you gave me food’ (Matt. 25:35)

Hunger is a very real part of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. And it’s often thanks to your compassion and generosity that the Archdiocese is able to provide food for those who are hungry.

In many cases it’s children who benefit from feeding schemes you’ve helped us establish. But at St Joseph’s parish in Greyville in the city of Durban, it’s humble marginalised workers and those without work whose lives are touched.

Every Thursday at 5.00pm there’s a flurry of activity outside St Joseph’s as volunteers of different faiths in the community, including local schoolchildren, set up tables, serve and hand out meals to those in need.

Nobody is ever turned away, and any food left over is never wasted, with some people taking a second serving to share with someone else.

In the winter months, the numbers of hungry people increases dramatically, and keeping the food hot in the cold weather is a problem that could be overcome by 8-10 ‘Wonderbags’, which surround the containers of food and insulate them from the cold air. So far, the project hasn’t been able to afford to buy these.

There’s no doubt of the Lord’s presence in the St Joseph’s line up for food, and His words, ‘I was hungry, and you gave me food’, ring very true.

Thank you, for being a mission supporter, and part of any help that we can give to the poor.

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