Cardinal Wilfrid Napier

If Only We Could Share Them All

Since it became known that Cardinal Napier, by Canon Law, would soon be retiring, our postbag has overflowed with the most wonderful messages to His Eminence.

We wish that space in this newsletter allowed us to share them all with you. But the letter below carries most of the well wishes expressed by so many.

Cardinal Napier thanks every one of you for your kind thoughts, which are appreciated more than you can know.

Please read the ‘Breaking News’ news piece here and know that His Eminence will, when Pope Francis decrees a future date, eventually step back from his position as Archbishop of Durban. But you’ll continue to be an indelible mark on his heart, and forever be in his present and future prayers.

His relationships with you, and every other friend of the missions, are the threads of gold in the tapestry of his life. And it’s with joy that we forsee these threads continuing to be woven during the extended period of office just announced.

Dear Cardinal Napier,
It is with emotion that I read of your upcoming retirement.

Joy for you, for after a life long given to Jesus and the children, you may appreciate a little rest.

Sadness, for you will be so missed. I will miss you too so much, for all these past years that I have had the privilege of being in communication with you through post, prayers, messages, I so have felt the goodness of God through you. You have always been so caring, so attentive, so encouraging, so personal, so delicately persistent that I have felt and feel that the Zulu Missions have had (and always will have, for you will not stop praying for them and helping them) two Great Shepherds, Our Lord Jesus Christ and you, at His side.

But also Hope because as you retire I know that you will not cease praying for us – we all so need and treasure and are grateful for your prayers.

And also Trust, because we know that even as you retire, a priest is a priest forever. We know that you will keep helping the children of God wherever you are, wherever they are, as long as God gives you breath.

So Dear Cardinal Napier we all wish you a Blessed retirement. You have been and always will be in our hearts and prayers, with all our most respectful gratitude. Numbers 6:24-26

Humbly in Christ Jesus
Dominique Faust and family.

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