Important information to help you send your gifts online

In order to prevent fraud, the South African authorities now require all Internet transactions to be ‘3D secure’. If your card is not already enrolled for 3D, you’ll need to have this enabled by your bank. Thereafter, whenever you use your card to make an online payment your bank will require you to type in a one-time password (OTP) authorising that specific transaction. The OTP is sent to you via SMS, WhatsApp, email or another messaging service as arranged with your bank. If your card is not 3D enabled, or you fail to type in the correct OTP, the transaction will not go through.

Even if this additional security measure is not yet required in your country, it’s worth having, to limit the chances of your card being used without your permission. So we strongly urge you to take advantage of this technology. In countries like India and South Africa it is already law. We believe that it will soon be a global requirement, as banks round the world strive to protect cardholders from fraud.

We thank you for your understanding, and suggest that you might like to keep this information for future reference.

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