gratitudeIn gratitude for your support

There’s a word in the English language that’s very important to me.

That word is ‘gratitude’ – and my gratitude towards our Mission friends knows no bounds. Whether your support is in the form of prayers, words of encouragement, or financial offerings – thank you.

It would be wonderful for all the churches in my Archdiocese to be self-supporting. But most of the rural communities we serve are simply too poor. This doesn’t mean that the people are unwilling to give. They are willing, and they do give what little they can, but it can never be enough to sustain their Church.

Hence my deep gratitude to Mission friends for helping to keep the Church a spiritual and practical reality in the poorest parishes of my Archdiocese.

Thank you for ensuring that Mass is said, that the sacraments are available, and the Missions remain a beacon of hope and help in everyday life.

Knowing that I can count on your kindness means a great deal.

May God bless you.

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