Innocence of children

In the Gospel, where Jesus calls Matthew, he’s so utterly amazed that Jesus has to explain why he has done so. It makes me think of the similar amazement on the faces of children when I greet them as I visit their school to celebrate Holy Mass for and with them.

The children’s reaction, which more often than not is a most positive response, makes me realise why Jesus chose to use them as an example (should I say ‘role model’) of the true disciple, through whom he wanted to show others how to gain entry into the Kingdom of God.

The open-faced innocence, the beaming smiles, the brighteyed stares as they look up, fascinated by the big hat on my head, is a heart-piercing reminder that I should be doing the same thing every time I contemplate God – my loving Creator. He couldn’t stay away from us, even when we turned our back on Him. Instead He sent His Son, Jesus, to call us to repentance, which is another word for “inviting us back into a loving relationship with Him”.

He simply wants us to see His own open-faced innocence, beaming smile, and bright-eyed stare, as He looks on us with love unlimited.

I wonder if you’ve ever thought of yourself as making that happy event happen again and again through your relationship with the Zulu Missions?

Yes, indeed, each time a priest or catechist, or religious sister, or mother who doubles as a home catechist, teaches our children about God our Father and brings Him into their lives, you’re the helping hand. You enable us to continue the work which Jesus taught his disciples then, and has committed to us today.

As God blesses you, may He show you His beaming smile, similar to the one with which He welcomes back the Prodigal Son, or which He lovingly shows every time He enfolds His Little Ones in His arms and blesses them as Jesus did – and which we now do in his name!

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