Cardinal Wilfrid Napier checks the plans for a new church

It’s happening – because you’ve helped to make it happen

The outstation of Hopewell may be appropriately named, in the people’s sustained hope that they would get a new church to replace the old building which for so long has been falling apart.

You were asked at Christmas to help the parishioners meet the cost, and ever faithful to the Missions, you gave in the spirit of thankfulness for the birth of the Christ Child.

Poor as they are, the congregation held a monthly ‘Harvest Special Collection’ towards their dream of having a new church. And their savings will go towards the building. Every month, the new total reached is pinned up at Sunday Mass for all to see.

A neighbour who manufactures cement blocks is also donating some of his materials to the church.

Plans for the new building have been drawn up. The regulatory process has begun. And the people of Hopewell are beginning to believe that their hopes for a new church will soon be a reality.

Unlike the unfortunate situation you’ll read about in the article titled “The y waited 13 years for the first Mass in their Church”, the title deeds of ownership are secure. And the parish chairman has also circulated a letter to businesses in the area asking for donations towards building materials, or to help furnish the church when completed.

Thank you. Thank you. The cost of this new church, (even though it’s modest), was something that once was impossible to meet. But you’ve helped to make it happen, by partnering with the people of Hopewell.

God bless you for your caring and your generosity.

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