Local artist, Joseph Manana

Joseph adds to our Christmas wishes for you

Over the years, local artist, Joseph Manana, has frequently painted a Christmas card design specially for you – his tribute to Zulu Mission friends.

Art wasn’t taken seriously when Joseph was at school because it wasn’t seen as a way to earn a good salary. But in High School one of the teachers saw his talent and asked for art to be introduced as a subject. From there on, Joseph persevered with his belief in himself, and encouragement from other artists.

It was only later that he enrolled at a Durban college for formal training. His goal was to become a lecturer. But change happened when he was given the opportunity to attend workshops in Uganda and overseas where he met different artists from other countries.

He gained a lot but decided not to lose his own ideas – ‘My art is based on my culture which has shaped me, my vision, and reality.’

No matter that he is now a successful and widely recognised artist, Joseph is still rooted in community. And he uses this platform as a way of educating people and bringing awareness of what is right and wrong. Art is Joseph’s voice.

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