Donate winter blankets to poor people on the Missions

Lessons from a blanket

This is the time of year when we ask Mission friends to help provide blankets for the poorest of our Mission people.

Like most woven articles, a blanket begins with the raw material – two types of thread – that are used in the weaving. The ‘warp’ are the strands which form the basic foundation of the woven item – and give it its dimensions and strength.

Then the weft threads are woven back and forth across the warp to create the finished fabric, also providing texture, colour, and design. Finally, the raw ends are finished with fringing or tassels, a plain stitched hem or a covering of silky ribbon binding.

We see a connection between this process and our Mission friends. The raw material is our shared humanity. We are all God’s children who care about one another.

The warp is the strength that holds us together. Our faith, our values of love and compassion, our vision for a better material and spiritual life for Mission people.

The weft is created by the countless times you reach out to fulfil a need on the Missions. It comes in the stories about life and loved ones shared with us. Each interaction bringing its own colour, design, and texture to the weaving.

The finishing lies in your commitment and constancy. In preventing the unravelling of the blanket, this is as important as each of the other processes.

If you can identify with the connection between a blanket and yourself, and are willing to help us provide blankets to those in greatest need this winter, we’ll be truly blessed.

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