Message to our supporters during the Coronavirus pandemic

Mission friends have walked with us through thick and thin, through good times and bad times. So it its only right to let you know that every one of you is in my thoughts and prayers in these extraordinary times.

“Extraordinary” is the best word to use, but it does not mean that the “ordinary” times will be returning anytime soon. My instincts tell me that the coronavirus is going to change a lot things in our lives. Hopefully, those changes will be for the better.

Already I see signs that the measures we are putting in place are making us think of others before we think of ourselves. Every time I sanitize my hands, I am being led to think of others first … their safety and health … before I think of mine. It makes me realise that is exactly what our Mission supporters have been doing for years, and continue to do even as I write these words! Hence, my deep gratitude and appreciation for your love and concern.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, which is having a very far-reaching effect on those on the Missions, I want to assure you that you are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Usually those thoughts and prayers of gratitude and appreciation are focused on what you have contributed to our people on the Zulu Missions; today I would like to focus them on who you are and the love and goodness which is deep in you.

May God love and bless each and everyone of you in the way He knows you need to be loved and cared for.

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