Might you want to be a Mission Patron?

Perhaps you already know about the group of mission supporters who are known as ‘Patrons’. But if not, here’s an introduction to them.

The Mission Patrons donate to the work of the Church in impoverished mission communities, in the same generous way as you do. But once a year, they add on one substantial gift to fund a particular need on the missions which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

It’s this extra gift that falls under the title of Mission Patronage.

Over the years, these gifts have built a new church, provided agricultural equipment to a food garden programme, created bursaries for college education, and helped many other projects.

We give thanks for every gift to the Zulu Missions, including those from Mission Patrons. Every gift keeps our mission doors open to all, so that we can meet the many needs of the people. God bless you for every kindness you send to us across the seas.

If you would like more information on joining our group of Mission Patrons, please click here.

Pictured above: Mission Patrons have helped to fund the Archbishop’s Education Fund, and new vehicles for Priests working on the missions.

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