Napier Centre 4 Healing helps turn lives around

After ten months in the programme at the Napier Centre 4 Healing, 24 year old Lindo is ready to get back to college and get his life back on track.

Lindo became addicted to whoonga (low-grade heroin) and ended up living on the streets for four months. His desperate parents approached the NC4H for help with his rehabilitation. Over the festive season, Lindo spent some time with his family, who were most impressed with the change in his behaviour and conduct. They are now in discussions with the senior social worker to manage his exit from the programme and re-enrolment in college. Lindo is one of three former addicts who have been rehabilitated and reconciled with their families.

57 year old Darryl will also be leaving the Centre in March. Originally from Johannesburg, he lived on the streets for two months, before being admitted to the NC4H in October 2019.

Darryl plans to use his culinary skills to earn a living operating a food truck. He has the food trailer but would appreciate help in acquiring an urn, bar fridge, 6 litre gas deep fryer, cooler box, pots and pans, microwave, 2 x 9 litre gas bottles, tupperware and utensils.

If you can assist in donating these items please contact the House Father, Mr. Ian Mbalane on 083 617 1265 or housefather@napiercentre.org

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