Napier Centre 4 Healing

Napier Centre 4 Healing Update

It has taken us over 3 years to go from the dream to the reality of helping the most vulnerable and marginalised people – street-dwelling substance abusers. There is a huge need and we are dedicated to doing what we can with the skills and finances available to us. The tough economic times in which we now find ourselves increases the need for our services, while decreasing opportunities to find the finances for this ministry. However, we have faith that the Lord will provide.

Together with the House Parents, our resident Social Worker, Mr. Mandla Cele (pictured above right), provides the counselling that addresses the underlying psychological causes of addiction, which tend to lose their influence once they are brought out into the open and dealt with honestly.

“Two of our beneficiaries have now left our centre, equipped with skills that allowed them to secure meaningful employment and be reintegrated with family and a supportive community. Their success gives all of us renewed hope in these uncertain times. ,”

The arrival of COVID-19, has disrupted our sustainability planning at a time when our services are needed the most. Nevertheless, our vision remains the renovation of the old school (pictured above left) to accommodate more beneficiaries into the programme.

A reminder that proceeds from Cardinal Napier’s latest book, The Here and Now Christian go towards the Napier Centre 4 Healing. The book is a collection of articles, talks and interviews given by His Eminence over the past few years. Each of the 28 chapters is reflective and can be used as a personal guide as well as a resource for discussion in small groups.

The book is published by Dawn Haynes of Sunrise Publishing and is available online from Dawn can be contacted at 083 564 2929.

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