Napier Centre for Healing

Where lives are rebuilt

The Napier Centre for Healing was established in response to Cardinal Napier’s dream of helping former addicts successfully reintegrate back into society.

Throughout Durban, there are literally thousands of people who are addicted to whoonga, heroin and other substances. Most end up living on the streets, stealing or begging to pay for their next fix. For those wanting to escape from this life, the challenges can be overwhelming.

The first step is to go through the eight week detoxification programme run by the municipality. But that’s only half the battle. When recovering addicts emerge from the programme, they are still homeless. Still jobless. Still alienated from loved ones who have been let down once too often in the past. Without support through this difficult time, it’s only too easy to give up and slip back into addiction.

Long term residential programme

The Napier Centre for Healing provides a safe ‘halfway house’ where former addicts are supported during their journey back into society. Open to all denominations, the Centre promotes holistic healing, with the emphasis on reconnecting with spiritual roots.

During their time here, residents have the opportunity to gain the skills they need to find employment. This not only gives them the means to support themselves – it adds purpose to their lives and gives them hope for the future.

Successful programme

In the short time that the Centre has been open, we’ve proved that this programme works. Two of our beneficiaries have successfully turned their lives around and are now ready to leave. They’ve been trained as welders and are currently employed by a fencing contractor. Everything they earn goes into their new bank accounts,  providing the necessary ‘start up’ to cover rent, food, electricity and other essentials when they step back into the world.

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Napier Centre for Healing

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Napier Centre for Healing

Inside, the fresh, clean rooms offer an invigorating step back to normality for addicts who have left their life on the streets behind.