Napier Centre for Healing opening

Pictured above: Cardinal Napier OFM, Fr Paulus Ndlovu TOR (parish priest at Ekukhanyeni) and Pearl Ramotsamai (NC4H Programming Director) inspect one of the newly refurbished bedrooms at the Napier Centre for Healing. (Photo: Val Adamson)

Update on the Napier Centre for Healing

Many readers will be familiar with – and may have contributed towards – the Napier Centre for Healing, a residential place for street-dwelling drug users who are trying to turn their lives around. Our Archdiocese already offers counselling and support (assisted by RAUF and NA) and prepares homeless people to attend the 8-week detoxification programme run by the Municipality. But there is a huge need for ‘after care’ to prevent drug users from ending up back on the streets and slipping back into addictions after completing the programme.

The Napier Centre aims to provide a transitional home for 6-8 months, during which residents will have access to ongoing counselling, skills development, and help to re-learn the personal and social skills that will enable them to reintegrate into society. Fr Stephen Tully, who helped set up the DHC, is Chair of this new Trust, named after our Cardinal, who is also chair of Patrons of the DHC.

Work on refurbishing part of building has been completed and the Napier Centre is ready to welcome guests. But substantial funding is still required for running costs.

[Sourced from the Denis Hurley Centre newsletter published on 30 June 2018]


Dear Sir

I have seen your mission on the internet and tried to call the cell no- 0721189438 and lef message, but no respeonse.

I am trying to contact your counsellors as to how do we go about getting help for my substance abuse nephew.
Please contact me urgently so that we can talk and make an appointment with you.
Thank you-Regards.Mrs Naidoo- 0780235380

I am afraid that we do not offer an out-of-hours counselling service. We do provide counselling to drug users – mostly but not exclusively homeless people – who come to the Denis Hurley Centre (next door to Emmanuel Cathedral).

We have a specialist group that leads drugs education sessions every Wednesday morning, an NA group that meets there on a Saturday morning, and most other mornings (Mon-Fri) there are social workers or social work interns who can help. There is no need to make an appointment but if you want to speak to someone first then call Sr Cathy on 031 301 2240.

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