The Napier Centre For Healing

It may not be a total surprise on city streets to find people addicted to drugs. But I was shocked to find that the affliction exists in rural communities as well – even amongst families on my Missions.

I first saw what happens to people who take a vicious drug called ‘Whoonga’ (a low grade heroin) during a visit to Usizo Lwethu (Our Help). This is the Denis Hurley Centre Clinic which serves the poorest of the poor, and homeless people on the street.

Whilst at this clinic, several patients came up to me and expressed their wish for rehabilitation. Their stories were tragic to hear. Most have been abandoned by their families because of the chaos they create, and also because these desperate people steal anything in sight to get their next fix.

Whilst people of no means can have access to State run rehabilitation units, it’s when they are released with no support system that they fall back into their addiction.

In this experience of revelation, I just knew that the Church had to do something. And out of consultation with experts, the idea of the Napier Centre For Healing was born.

With generous support, including donations from my Mission friends like you, the centre has taken shape at Ekukhanyeni Mission. And once a house mother and father have been appointed, we’ll be ready for the first intake this year.

The success of the Napier Centre for Healing is the legacy I’d like to leave behind when I retire in the first half of this year.

God bless you for always caring about people in need, and putting your caring so generously into action.


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