Our supporters made a difference!

Thank you once again for the generous response to our crisis food appeal, following the violent unrest in our country in July. Thanks to our caring Mission friends overseas, we have been able to despatch the first 50 Food Vouchers to families identified by our Mission outreach team as being most in need.

The team went door to door to meet people like Catherine Mgenyane – a dignified old ‘gogo’ who lives at Mabedlane, an outstation of St Cecelia. She was so grateful to hear about the voucher and could not stop thanking us over and over. She invited our team inside to see her kitchen cupboard, which was bare.

Catherine was very outspoken and upset about the recent looting and what is happening in the country. She said that when she was young, “We lived in peace in this country; we never had something so bad happen as what’s happening now.” Your kindness will go a long way towards restoring her faith in the goodness of people.

At Mnamatha outstation in Bethlehem, the team met 21 year old Lindo. He used to work part-time in a supermarket but was laid off during Lockdown. Subsequently, he was employed as a Zulu Dancer at a local tourist centre. But the ongoing pandemic has destroyed our tourism industry, and he is once again unemployed. The unrest has made job hunting even more difficult.

Lindo lives with his Mom who is also unemployed. They survive on whatever they are given by their neighbours and there are times when they have nothing at all to eat. This food voucher will ensure they don’t go hungry for the next few weeks, during which we pray that Lindo may find sone kind of work.

These are just two of the families your kindness has touched. Thank you again for caring about people you will never meet in a far off land. May you be richly rewarded for your kindness.

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