Please, will you forgive us?

Several of our Mission friends have been kind enough to inform us that they’ve felt bombarded and overwhelmed by multiple communications from us all arriving at the same time.

We thank them for their thoughtfulness in advising us.

It’s totally understandable how annoying, even seemingly disrespectful, this has been.

In any normal year, our communications are timed and spaced. But 2020 wasn’t a normal year.

The postal system here has suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic’s strict lockdown, with all mail being kept ‘on hold’ until easing of restrictions. Destination post offices have also been forced to accumulate incoming mail. Then all those items were released at once in a flood.

We’re so sorry about what has happened, but it was beyond our control, and we hope that you will forgive us.

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I love your very informative ‘posts’ illuminating what God is doing in South Africa. I have always wished to travel to your beautiful country, but even though I cannot travel overseas right now, I really enjoy reading about His triumphs!

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