Newly ordained priests

Praise God, and Mission Supporters like you – three new Priests for the Missions

Meet Deacons Mtshengiseni Dlamini, Wandile Chagwe, and Simon Sibisi – all to be ordained in early March 2019. They will become your partners in spreading the Word of God.

Deacon Wandile grew up in an urban township and had no idea what it was like to live in the rural areas. During his pastoral formation work, he went to several missions where he saw and experienced the hardships and poverty there. If he could choose, he would want to be a mission priest.

Deacon Simon’s parish priest was a wonderful role model, and his example led to Simon feeling that he had a vocation. But his family needed support so he became a teacher instead.

When he was about to be promoted to Head of Department, he couldn’t ignore God’s call any longer, and started the process to take up his vocation.

Deacon Mtshengiseni grew up on a rural outstation, and walked many miles each day to attend the Catholic School. He had dreams of a good job in the city and buying a car, but eventually followed his heart to the priesthood.

When a young man or his family cannot pay for his studies, it falls to the Church to help financially. Every vocation is precious and should be nurtured. And this is why we’re so grateful for every friend who supports the Missions and their priests. Thank you for being such a friend.

Pictured left to right: Dc Mtshegiseni Dlamini, Dc Wandile Chagwe and Dc Simon Sibisi

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