Skills training

Quick news

Your past gifts to the Kwa Thintwa School for the Deaf at Inchanga Mission have allowed the children to go forward helped by technology. Their progress was highlighted at a recent choir concert for schools, where their singing was a major highlight.

Attended by Cardinal Napier, the recent Synod in Rome focuses on young people. Please pray that the young people of Africa, and of all countries, become the new world that we all want to see.

Three of our most successful projects involve desperately needed skills training, which are provided at an affordable cost to community members.

The sewing project is extremely popular and includes a hand sewing machine to take home so these women can continue to sew for their families’ needs and to sell clothes in their community. There is also a welding and basic computer course.

Grateful thanks to mission friends who have donated online to these projects through our website.

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