Right to Live

Regardless of the ongoing debate on the subject around the world, the Catholic Church remains steadfast in its condemnation of abortion. Every unborn child has the right to live.

From the moment of conception, to the moment of death, we believe that life is a gift from God, to be protected, cherished and nurtured. We reject euthanasia, abortion and whatever devalues or destroys human life.

However, we understand that we can’t expect vulnerable women to reject abortion without providing them with physical, emotional and material support through pregnancy and birth.

Legalised abortion

Despite opposition from many Christian and pro-life bodies, abortion was legalised in South Africa in December 1996. Today, over 100 000 pregnancies are terminated every year in our country.

The Catholic Church in Durban’s response was to create the Mater Vitae Home for women in pregnancy crisis. Today there are seven Mater Homes, offering a refuge for vulnerable women and their babies.

Some of the women have suffered rape or abuse, while others are affected by HIV/Aids. Many are unemployed, without the means to support themselves, and have been abandoned by their child’s father.

Our aim is not only to offer a safe haven, but to help the women gain the necessary skills to build a secure and happy future for themselves and their children.

Our Mater Homes are funded by donations from people who care about the plight of abandoned mothers – and every child’s right to life.

If you would like to support these efforts, please click the button below to make your donation online.

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Your gift will help provide everything from basic toiletries and cleaning products, to food, baby clothing, bedding and medical assistance. Thank you!

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Since the legalisation of abortion in our country, over 100 000 termination of pregnancy procedures take place every year.

“Because others cared, I was born and raised fortunate. Thank you,” says Ndamso Ndlovu, who was born at Mater Vitae home on 11 Septmber 2000.