Special Feast Day Masses said for our Mission Patrons

8 August 2022 – St Dominic

In the 13th century, St Francis and St Dominic were both forming religious orders.  Francis became the beggar who beguiled the world, Dominic became the preacher who taught it.  St Dominic’s wealth of spiritual knowledge is a legacy for all of us.

14 September 2022 – Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Symbol of Christianity, the cross is precious to all Christians.  We exalt it because Jesus’ death on the cross was the price for our eternal life.

15 October 2022 – St Theresa of Avila

St Theresa had two sides to her.  One was that God was her everyday friend, and she would have conversations with him about events in her life.  The other was her profound insight and wisdom which made her a Doctor of the Church.  We can learn from both sides of St Theresa of Avila.

17 November 2022 – St Elizabeth of Hungary

St Elizabeth lived life to the full as a loving and much-loved wife.  Living in a castle, she never went short of anything, and made sure that much from the castle stores went to the poor.  There is sanctity in the monastic life, but St Elizabeth shows us that there can also be sanctity in a life of plenty.

7 December 2022 – St Ambrose

St Ambrose is recognised as a doctor of the church who would take on anybody to support Christian truth, and the man who  could quietly and calmly convert St Augustine, a sceptic.  It may not be asked of us to publicly fight for Christian truth, but we can all quietly and calmly influence others.

28 January 2022 – St Thomas Aquinas

St Thomas’ mother had her own ambitions for her son as a Benedictine.  But Thomas was drawn to the Dominican Order, and wouldn’t give up his resolution to become one of them, despite many tactics aimed at changing his mind.  Being resolute in the practices of our faith is a lesson that we can learn from St Thomas Aquinas.

1 February 2023 – Blessed Benedict Daswa

Benedict was born into the Lemba tribe in rural Venda, South Africa.  Murdered for his Catholic beliefs, which put him in conflict with tribal superstitions Benedict was an ordinary man.  A loving husband and father, and a teacher whose food garden fed many people in his community.  We ask for your prayers for his canonisation.

19 March 2023 – St Joseph

St Joseph, carpenter, spouse of Mary, and earthly father to Jesus, is also the patron saint of the Catholic Church.  A man of moral virtue, and of complete faith in his openness to the will of God.  We pray that St Joseph will teach us to have that same openness to what God is calling each of us to do.

We pray that each one of these heavenly helpers has brought your special intentions to God, so that He may respond to them in His great wisdom and mercy.

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