Easter Vigil

St Leo’s Mission is 100 years old

It was the Trappists from Marianhill who began to evangelize in the area where St Leo’s stands today.

They sent a catechist by the name of Mvubu to visit families. And in 1915 they established a small mass centre, using the hut owned by Manombona in the Emolweni Valley. As the numbers increased, a school was started. And when Manombona’s husband donated a piece of land, St Leo’s was built.

In 1923, the Oblate Fathers from other parishes began to look after St Leo’s, and in 1962 Edwaleni-Emolweni became a separate parish.

Today, there’s a substantial church on the mission, built with the help of mission friends like you, and a flourishing school which you also helped to renovate after the buildings had fallen into a sad state of disrepair.

Unfortunately, the resources that the state provides are totally inadequate for the number of learners, most of whom come from very poor homes. And as the numbers grow, so the school’s needs increase.

But the teachers are dedicated, and they strive to give quality education. They also pray that God, through good people, will continue to provide.

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