Thank you for multiplying the blessings

Many people have quickly forgotten about the floods that destroyed great parts of KwaZulu-Natal in 2022 – except those who experienced the loss and devastation, and its aftermath.

Besides the damage to infrastructures including roads, health care, schools and communication, over 12 000 homes were destroyed.  Tragically, 448 people died, and 4 000 others were displaced when their entire lives were washed away.

Whilst it could be said that the worst is over, it isn’t.  Two major groups are still suffering:

Those with no place to go – thousands still occupy temporary accommodation in community halls because where they were living is not suitable for rebuilding.  How will they restart their lives?

Those with a place, but no resources – these people have a viable location/land on which to rebuild but lack resources. Dolly Mgenge, who was visited by the Nuncio and Archbishop Jwara at the time, is in this group.  We pray that Dolly, and so many others will receive the help needed to rebuild their shattered lives.  And that help is becoming more urgently needed with winter on our horizon.

In the meanwhile, your kindness in providing Basins of Blessings has extended beyond Christmas in helping to ease a little of the suffering.

The picture above captures a lady blessed by your generosity.  Thank you, and God bless you.



Hello to all and God’s Blessings to all…I was wondering if there is an address in Canada or the USA that I can make my donations to. It is a long distance to your country and it takes a long time for my cheque to go through at my bank making me wonder if you got the money?

It would be so nice to be able to deposit my money for your orphanage with a closer destination.

Thanks for reading my request and I hope to hear from you soon…

With God’s Blessings…..Chris

Hi Chris. Yes, you can use either of these addresses:

Archdiocese of Durban
1032 15TH ST NW
Suite 138
Washington DC 20005

Archdiocese of Durban
P.O. Box 171
101 – 1001 West Broadway
Vancouver BC V6H 4E4

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