Thank you for your beautiful generosity

Your missionary spirit is part of the Church in Africa every year, but here’s a little reminder of the special instances where your kindness was at work during the past year of 2018.

You gave so that the crumbling little church at Hopewell outstation could be restored for this rural community. A dream come true in her lifetime for Gogo (Granny) Albertina Ngcobo. Thank you.

You helped to feed hungry children, many of them orphans having to fend for themselves in child headed households, and others whose lives in poverty make them especially vulnerable. Thank you.

At Easter, the most important celebration of faith for the Zulu people, your Easter offering made you present throughout Holy Week and the glorious celebration of the Risen Christ itself. Thank you.

Children need toys and the activities of play in order to develop fully. You helped add to the Toy Library in Hlabisa, and many children will benefit. Thank you.

You brought warmth to bodies, hearts and souls with your donations for blankets, and the special messages you sent with them. Thank you.

And most recently, helping women in pregnancy crisis to keep their babies in the shelter of our Mater Vitae Homes, is a special gift to the Christ Child himself.

Thank you, and God bless you!

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